GinSan Gin San Timer Vacuum Vending Meter Box GS-8 Car Wash


I have a collect of pictures…. of equipment.  The link is located at the top of the page.  It is called “Product Id Page“…. not sure why?  🙂

24v AC Accumulating Timer

GS-7, GS-8, GS-75, GS-85, GS87 and GS-255 are all the same except the GS-87 and GS-255 can accept tokens.  Or Ginsan has the worse Technical Sheet ever?  Could go either way.  🙂

The GS-8, GS-85, GS-87 and GS-255 have re-settable 4 digit coin counters.

The GS-8, GS-85, GS-87 and GS-255 also have a “Eveready” Not “Duracell” battery so if the power goes off while a customer is putting money in.  Which happens ALL the time!  🙂

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