Small presoak leak


I always like having a leak in the low pressure functions.  I guess that is why you have to check them all the time?


It was also one of those days when every one of the bays had mud in it, FUN!

Why PVC is not always a great idea?


I had to replace the 1/2″ schedule 80 pvc elbow with a metal street elbow today, because of a small leak.  I am going to replace the solenoid later so I did not replace all the pvc for now.  I guess the weep solenoid (sprinkler system solenoid) may have worn out the pvc (from cutting on and off) and caused a small crack.


I also installed the last Flojet pump.  Now I just need to put the last 2 Flojet pumps online.

Best sign ever?


The sign reads:  “STOP NO TRESPASSING This is NOT A JUNK YARD Keep Your ASS OUT”

1)  If you have to clarify where you live is not a junk yard you might have a problem.

2)  If you have 5 cars and trucks and heavy equipment in plain sight……

3)  This actually writes itself no need to go on.  Send in yours.

Actual snow in Alabama?


It actually snowed in Alabama?  The weather person was actually correct about it snowing (that was a first)?  It snowed about 1/2 inch and it did not stick on the road like the meteorologist said it would (so I guess the meteorologist got something wrong like normal).

The dogs seemed to like the snow except it was just a little cold (around 30 or below all day).  So basically nothing happened at the car wash, everyone I guess was purchasing milk and bread. 

Both Rowe changers were jammed – again


Both Rowe changers were jammed with the error message CK TRANSPORT VF.  Like MEP1 suggested I would like to replace these Rowe bill acceptors but have not found a reasonable method.  I also do not want to purchase all the parts for a new changer for the swap (computer, bill acceptor, and coin dispenser).

Break-in attempt


A couple of morons tried to break-in to my meter box and safe.  Why would someone try to break-in to the coin acceptor entry (first picture top arrow)?  They did get the bike lock off (it was weakened by previous attempts) but I guess the lock that was left was scary?  They also tried to drill out the Medeco lock.  They were not even close, thank goodness.  It is a shame because how stupid are people to think that it is so easy to break-in to something that is left unattended all the time?


Not really sure on the make and model of this car?  If I knew I would get the Birmingham Police straight on the case.  Maybe this time they will say:  “So they did not take anything?  Why are you here again?”