Break-in attempt


A couple of morons tried to break-in to my meter box and safe.  Why would someone try to break-in to the coin acceptor entry (first picture top arrow)?  They did get the bike lock off (it was weakened by previous attempts) but I guess the lock that was left was scary?  They also tried to drill out the Medeco lock.  They were not even close, thank goodness.  It is a shame because how stupid are people to think that it is so easy to break-in to something that is left unattended all the time?


Not really sure on the make and model of this car?  If I knew I would get the Birmingham Police straight on the case.  Maybe this time they will say:  “So they did not take anything?  Why are you here again?”

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  1. The car is clearly a Chevy Caprice, mid to late 90’s model. Does your video system not let you get plate numbers? Without them, the cops won’t even look for a suspect.

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