3 Replies to “One of my sister’s kids had a birthday”

  1. I hate Nokia phones. My current one is a Casio GZ’One Type V, which is water resistant to 3 meters, perfect for the car wash world. The only downside (and I wouldn’t have gotten it if I’d noticed before I ordered) is that there’s no Bluetooth. Since it’s a Verizon it’s only good for a wireless earpiece, and I’ve had four of those and didn’t like any of ’em.

  2. Wow that phone sounds great. I had no idea that someone other than Nextel sold a rugged phone. I also like the waterproof aspect because I like to wash mine in the washing machine. The only problem is I have T-mobile and they only have crappy phones. I also love blue tooth so I can look important where ever I go. But the Type S phone has Bluetooth.

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