2 Replies to “Broken Canon PowerShot SD630 again”

  1. Buy the powershot G10 it’s WAY WAY WAY better.. then those of us who want more detailed pics of Rocco’s puke won’t be sad to see your pathetic blurry let down photos.

  2. Urrrghhh! That’s nasty. I have a Powershot A530 that’s served me well for quite a few years now. When we first got it, it would give an E15 or E16 error, I forget which. Basically, it meant the focusing mechanism couldn’t move properly. It went back to Canon for service once, and came back working just fine. I think E16 means the zoom / retract isn’t working, and E15 means it can’t focus? I dunno – Canon never documented this anywhere.

    By the way, if you get another Powershot, check out chdk. Even if you don’t need RAW mode, it’s still got some very nice capabilities!

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