Stupid Brand names…. Great customer service and the customer with a GOLDEN hammer!

Well you know your company has a great name, brand loyalty and a great product when a company remembers your company name after 2 months!  Well what actually happened…. is amazing also.  I emailed this company then after 2 months I just showed up at their office unannounced.  My contact guy actually remembered my business name and web address…. after 2 month off the top of his head…. this is basically the same thing!  LOL 🙂  What gets extra points is my business name is a web address and  wait for it…. it is easy and short!  WHAT!  LOL 🙂  People love the name and the web extension is the standard (.com).  It is also stupid enough to remember and everyone on earth loves CAKE!  The problem is the name has nothing to do with what I actually do (“No…. I do not design cakes.”)…. plus I tried to pay a graphic designer to make a logo for me and he said he could not?  LOL 🙂  (Yes I did my own logo.  🙂 )  So whatever…. I made something!  Also I am a nice guy!  🙂

Speaking of a nice guy…. I purchased this GOLDEN hammer today!  Why?  Well…. because I really like the customer service I get from the store.  Do I need this hammer?  No…. but I always purchase something from a local hardware store.  Something to think about when you provide great customer service.  (I have also been going to Fastenal lately and also ordered from them online.  Why?  Their customer service is so much better then a box store it is insane.)

I can not see much use for this hammer…. But my inner nerd can envision Bob Widlar using this hammer to widlarize something.  LOL 🙂

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