Why can’t politicians do something about telemarketers?

Or a telemarketing campaign.  LOL 🙂

My real problem is over priced business utilities…. but yet the utilities sell their mailing list to make even more money.  Shouldn’t we be getting cheaper utility cost then the homeowner?  A commercial phone line is the absolute worse offender.  I never got mail at my wash until I got a phone line…. just saying.  (I also HATE TIVO…. didn’t I PAY for the service!  Do I get money for the ads or the monitoring I endure?  One or the other…. I mean if you are ethical I believe…. My opinion obviously.  🙂 )

1-800-542-7885  My “business information is at risk…. it is important for the business owner calls us back”!  I like how they appear local by changing the caller id…. also it seems odd that they claim they are in Bessemer, AL.  I do not have a car wash in Bessemer…. but I do use an utility that is located in Bessemer?  Odd?  Or not odd at all.  LOL 🙂

Also I believe these type of scams or misappropriations of the truth are great money makers (in my opinion unless they are illegal?).  I need to start one myself…. I have learned first hand how gullible people are lately.  Why can’t I profit also!  JK or am I?  LOL 🙂

The internet may have gobbled your business information up!  (I could not bother to check to see if you have a website first…. I have 20,000 more people to call!)  But I am the tube slayer!  I can build a website out of nothing!  Nothing I say!  Only notepad and phone!  I can give your business hope in this uncertain time!  Please before I have to delete this Warren Buffett quote off this page!  Please!  If not I will call back tomorrow…. then the next day and the next.  Thanks this incident was a close call for your business!  We can help…. message me below!  LOL 🙂