How to cook hot dogs in the microwave?


Have you ever made a hot dog in the microwave?  Do you like boiled hot dogs?  Why not do both?  That is what I did today.  This is very hard so make sure to follow all the directions.  1) Purchase hot dogs,  2) Find microwave,  3) Fill bowl with water,  4) Put bowl in microwave.


5) Cook for 4 minutes until they float,  6) Eat. Yummy!

My Rowe International changer problem, again!


My Rowe International changer had a unique problem today, which I never had before.  The CCC error was “VALIDATING” and the transporter was just running non-stop and no bills were in the changer or were accepted since my last visit.

Using Rowe International seems so much more official then plain old Rowe changer.  I think maybe if I respect the changer maybe it will work for a couple days without any problems?