Fuse blew again – update


I tried a new relay and like Greg said it made no difference. One coil wire is going to the timer load the other to the 24 vac coil in. The throw wires goes to the equipment room.


One throw wire goes to the 24 volt power supply (white lower) and the other wire is not used? It makes no sense. I must have checked wrong. I was getting frustrated and tied to look at another bay then broke it. Had to figure out what the problem was then quit. I think I need to just rerun all new wire to the bay.

I forgot to mention that the relay switch goes back and forth making the noise. I believe this means that there is a wire short? Who knows? It also just does this when the throw wires are attached.

Relay setup

I was reading this forum post about relays and the setup for the wash down was interesting.  Jim Caudill said to use the normally closed portion of the relay for the wash down.  He suggested using a separate timer but would work with just a key.  Sounds like a great idea.


Sandpiper pump problem – again


My sandpiper pumps lost its prime again.  The pump was constantly pumping and nothing would come out.  I had to remove the outlet hose and it primed up again.  Also, the air compressor must have been running allot because it was super hot.