kleen-ritecorp.com I have not used this in a while I guess? :)


I know every website on Earth has an annoying survey…. but why does every site really have an annoying survey? Maybe I am annoyed way to easily? 🙂 Plus “Distributor”? I want a discount through KR! Please! 🙂 BTW my business type is exclusively “power wash” because I demand power to wash things? I assume they mean “pressure washers”? Do people really still do pet washes? Also where is the other fab…. the motorcycle wash? I believe…. some distributor should make a pet wash and a motorcycle wash combined into one unit!

Also is it just me…. or is the “show me my cart” button in the worse place? How about the cart icon? I understand that the drop down cart is cool and is sometimes useful…. but there is no “view cart” on the drop down cart either? I hate to say it but the site is just all over the place…. poor organization. I almost get the reasoning behind the menu locations but it does not make it intuitive…. and it would still be out of order? Plus I know I did not design this website…. but drop down menus sometimes can be helpful? But I also know exactly what your argument would be…. I also agree your demographics can never figure out drop down menus! 🙂

Well…. I just clicked on “My History” and also “My Account”…. Okay…. Order history in 2 places and they are not linked? Now I was a database administrator 10 years ago. 🙂

My first order was on 7/17/2006…. Wow I should have stayed a dba. JK LOL 🙂

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