Funny Carolina Pride Direct Ad :)


Now Carolina Pride Directs website is straight up 1980s! LOL 🙂 Just a form…. looks like a scam by today’s standards…. no offense to Direct that is just my opinion (I would change it asap). What does Carolina Pride Direct even sell? Actually it looks just like Ginsan equipment…. down to the sticker? But their ad says to “REPLACE your existing Ginsan” but again I never heard of this place. I just thought the ad was funny because you save 10%………. Yeah! Plus they run ads for their site…. so I assume people fill out the form! Good for them…. they will present you 10% off! 🙂 But honestly how would you know if there was a discount? They are the only seller and there are no prices?

I found this ad because I was trying to find a GinSan product again! It actually appears that GinSans website is out of date? Or they do not have all their products on their site? Plus I hate to even ask this…. But does GinSan still sell their “Liberator Credit Card System”? I emailed “Doug Empie” about their credit card system and he said they “generally utilize Hamilton and Crypto Pay”. So I assume that means no Liberator?

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