Does anyone trust usps delivery? If you needed your package for your business?



I actually thought it was just our United States Postal Service route that had very poor service…. But I sold a Hamilton ACW controller to a guy in Pennsylvania and he was hell bent not to use the usps.  He wanted the controller overnighted and the usps would have been $30-40 cheaper.  So instead of using usps…. he wanted me to take it out of it’s stainless container and not double box it.  (He actually said to “Bubble wrap the ____ out of it”.  LOL 🙂 ) Just to make it reasonable through FedEx…. and to be honest…. that is what I would have done also.

Well is it just me and this guy?  Is your mail service bad?  Our Mailman/lady is actually nice and knows me…. but the problem is she does not always deliver the mail and our fill ins are pathetic.

I just saw a commercial that the usps works on Sunday now…. funny because I thought they were debating on scaling back days because of funding?  Maybe things have gotten better?

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