How Customers should determine if they are going to a Crappy Express Wash?

Very simple…. If the Express wash owners actually expects customers to wash their cars before going through their equipment.

I hear you…. the customer is paying to get their car “clean”?  I can argue about equipment and prepping…. So lets not go there.  Lets just agree it is a labor issue…. I just believe when your prices are $12, $15, $20 it is the owner’s responsibility.  (I actually believe it is always the owners responsibly to wash your customers car if you have an attendant.  I also know it is hard to get any employee to do anything.  This is the reason I would never own an Express Wash.  🙂 )

Sonny’s, MacNeil or in this case Tommy tunnel equipment…. They all have prep stations around here.  I have also seen all the equipment cleaning cars.  So I would never blame it on tunnel equipment they are basically all the same…. Cars are not the same.

I could go on forever and delete 90% of this post already…. What gets me is…. Customers are so concerned about “scratching” their car and they go through an express or full service wash with brushes.  🙂  Silly customers…. You even wash and vacuum your own car.  🙂  Sounds like another place…. A Self Service Car Wash!  🙂  At least at a self service wash you can inspect the brush before using it!

Reviewer: Gave it a shot today, bought the $20 package and not worth the price. My truck wasn’t very dirty but was in the tunnel wash very quickly. Came out and looked. The rear window still dirty and roof was too. Waste of your money

I picked the most appropriate comment for my post. 3 negative comments on not prepping cars. 4 negative reviews overall out of 8 reviews. Still a 3.8.