So I got my First New ELECTRIC TRUCK…..

I feel like such a douchebag driving my electric truck around.  I hate being accused of being a tree huger!  🙂  I have actually got into this argument multiple times with my wife.  🙂  (Usually around electric parking places.)  How is my car not electric?  My car has to produce electricity for my car to work and start.   Come on I think I need a beret, bike riding unitard or clothing that I actually pick out myself to wear…. Something!

Plus to be honest my car is the best when it comes to greenhouse gas and my personal green movement…. It ranks #1 in fuel economy and the greenhouse gas ratings!  YES!  🙂   Now I just need to sue someone when I realize this was a mistake?  (Is this how being retarded works?).  But seriously do I sound any more retarded then anyone else these days?  LOL 🙂