General Pump repair the next day


I started by taking off the head on the pump today. When I took the head off it looked like above. The medal pieces had stuck to the ceramic shaft. After pulling the medal pieces off I put them back into the head.  Then I noticed the ceramic shafts had black crap on them.  Which I guess is bad? So I put some lube on them and put the head back on.


It still leaks and now the pressure in around 300.  Which is bad. So now I do not know what to do.


Also, today I got to dig out two of my bays. YEA!

General Pump repair


I am trying to repair my General Pump T1321 Series 47.  It is pulsating enough to close off the bay. I replaced the check valve o-rings about two weeks ago and apparently forgot to replace the top three.  The o-rings were damaged pretty good so I guess I need to look at the packing that I replace two days ago.  I must have put the packing in incorrectly.


Now the head leaks and the high pressure is still pulsating.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for pump repair.

DQ Blizzard


Today was a great day I found a DQ Blizzard at the car wash.  I felt like no one even drank any of the creamy goodness.


Then I became saddened by the fact there was no straw.  But the person that left the Blizzard dropped the straw in front of me at my feet.


I inserted the straw.


Every thing is great.  My Blizzard is ready to drink.


It must have been sitting in the sun to long.  It tasted really bad.


So I had to dump it in the dumpster.  I was very disappointed.  I guess it was not my lucky day.