Direct LOL…. Mark VII :)


“Direct drives run smoother and quieter than belts and pulleys while eliminating the maintenance headache of having to regularly adjust them.”

This is funny….  this is implying less maintenance.

But belt driven systems last longer in a high usage application.  The belt system produces less vibration and heat because the direct systems run at a higher rpm.

Also…. are you really suppose to adjust your belts and pulleys “regularly”…. like within the last 10-20 years of the equipment’s life?  LOL 🙂  I honestly do not know!  🙂  Plus what does “regularly adjust them” mean?  every 20-30 years?  Again I do not know?  Thanks let me know cwguy!  🙂

One last thought…. doesn’t the sound come from the hp pump not the motor?  Or is it the belt making all the noise?  Plus I would think a motor running at higher rpms would be louder?  But I do not know!

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