GinSan’s ExpressKEY?

Isn’t it kind of weird that GinSan does not have their ExpressKEY thing on their main website?  They only have the information on their website…. it does have GinSan on the bottom but maybe they are trying to forget about this great pile of……

But don’t worry!  Someone is selling a GinSan ExpressKEY on for $5500!  Yeah…..  🙂

BTW is it just me or is Astromatic or the most unprofessional bunch of people ever? I would never name names but Allen LeBleu is an example. 🙂 I really HATE emailing them…. I also hated talking to them. Yes they sold something for me…. but so what? I should have tried it would have cost me less and they provided zero support. Also does them selling new ryko parts make logical since? What about unused chemicals? Why not do one or the other correctly? (I am assuming they sell ryko parts correctly? But someone that purchased from them said they sell compatible ryko parts. I only start rumors! I didn’t know anything I only repeat stuff! 🙂 )