Hunter’s Creek Auto Wash / aka Car Wash

My GPS said “Gatorland Carwash” at 14513 Gatorland Drive, Orlando, FL. but the name does not really matter.


First picture is the front view and the second picture it from the entry road next to a Flex-Serve.



Front view: I like the glass block and the road sign.



Vending:  I like the “Suggestions” box and it is interesting that they replaced the Dilling & Harris Vend-Master product door.  They replaced the plastic with metal.


Back view:  First picture show painted arrows on the ground which is a good idea.  I just doubt it would help.



Bay:  Some interesting notes are the crappy foam brushes and the garbage can in every bay.  I love the large timer conversion.


Automatic:  PDQ Laser 4000 had an interesting purge setup in the automatic.  Not really sure what or why it was purging though.


Vacuums:  They has some weird vandalism problems?  I actually had someone steal my gun off my Fragramatics fragrance vacuum before.  They unscrewed the gun and took it.

Vending machine makeover

Picture 549.jpgPicture 548.jpgPicture 547.jpgPicture 567.jpg

I purchased a piece of Optix Acrylic Sheet .220 18 x 24 to replace my yellowing other piece, which cost around $22.  You have to unscrew about 15 screws on my Dilling & Harris Max-Vend II vending machine to remove the old sheet.  I used my Craftsman table saw that I fixed the other day to cut the sheet.  I purchased a little too thick of a piece so .220 will fit but smaller would have been more like the original sheet.  Also the measurements are 16 5/16 x .   Now it looks great.

Craftsman table saw – Again

Picture 562.jpgPicture 555.jpg

I am starting to hate my Craftsman table saw (model number 137.218240).  I needed to use it to cut some stuff and it would not start again.  It was the switch again.

Picture 556.jpgPicture 558.jpg

The first picture is the actual switch and the metal piece that completes the circuit.  The second picture is what pushes the switch, I love all the saw dust.

Must be true?


If they say “professional” it must be true.  It is on the side of a laundry mat.  It seems like everyone is starting a car wash and also closing them.


Their old sign, or maybe new people?