Go GREEN: recycle like Elio Valero, 42!


This guy is my recycling hero; he stole a 40 foot aluminum street lamp and he is “disabled”.  What the Police should have done was watch what Miami Recovery & Recycling place was going to do with it.  They said they don’t accept stolen merchandise though.

The Police should really crack down on this crap like they did with pawn shops.  This scholar also had the best line ever: “Hey, if I’m doing this to recycle, everybody else should do what they damn need to,”…… WHAT?

You have to check this link out and watch the video.  http://www.wsvn.com/news/articles/local/MI92537/

Condoms are for Married people only!

I was going to the restroom at a “nice” gas station (the kind with the condom machine).


The vendor says that only married people can use the condoms unless you want AIDS.  Well, I am paraphrasing (read below).

“Although no contraceptive can provide complete protection, Hygeia Condoms, when properly used, may prevent the transmission of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. The best method of AIDS prevention is abstinence before marriage and a monogamous relationship during marriage. Hygeia Condoms are available here for your privacy and convenience. This dispenser serviced at frequent intervals.”

Rowe wire harness time

After talking to Tom Kozlik from Rowe International he recommended Bsca’s Changer Service & Sales.  They seem very knowledgeable and Jeff is a great guy.  But Jeff seems to be having a problems with the Rowe tech.


I have a Rowe C-10RL that I want to install a Coinco in.  The Coinco is a MAG50 24 volt and my Rowe CCC should support any MDB it is a 45085902.  If anyone has gotten this to work please let me know?


Rowe sent me the incorrect wire harnesses.  These are the harnesses that I am suppose to plug into the Coinco.  (45108203, 45108204)  Not really sure what bill acceptor these are really for?

Honda Fit beats Chevy Vet in a street race?

Picture 145.jpgPicture 141.jpg

Now, my little fit can’t lift as much as this yellow work device (right picture) but my work car did fit a 24 foot ladder on top.  (My dad’s Vet can’t do that).

Picture 150.jpgPicture 152.jpg

Also, while on the roof of my Dad’s car wash I noticed where all the stolen cones go (right picture, blue cone).