Rowe wire harness time

After talking to Tom Kozlik from Rowe International he recommended Bsca’s Changer Service & Sales.  They seem very knowledgeable and Jeff is a great guy.  But Jeff seems to be having a problems with the Rowe tech.


I have a Rowe C-10RL that I want to install a Coinco in.  The Coinco is a MAG50 24 volt and my Rowe CCC should support any MDB it is a 45085902.  If anyone has gotten this to work please let me know?


Rowe sent me the incorrect wire harnesses.  These are the harnesses that I am suppose to plug into the Coinco.  (45108203, 45108204)  Not really sure what bill acceptor these are really for?

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  1. The harness is for the pulse side of a 117v coinco validator / long white one (ba30’s and mag50’s). The square harness is output/input from coinco coin mech (supplies steady power until a bill passes and drops power [pulse])

    On your mag50, you have two harness connections, the smaller 5 pin is for MDB (multi drop bus) the long 6pin is the pulse side.

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