Have you ever run out of chemicals?

I picked the 2 best “foam brush chemicals” and took 25 fl oz of each of the diluted chemical and added 5 gallons of water.  The winners were 3)  Dis™h Detergent Original Scent (dish cleaner 50 ounces) and 4)  Perfect 10 Black Currant Bodywash  (bodywash for your body 25 ounces).  I lost the pictures for number 4 but number 3 was the best the dish detergent.


Have you ever run out of chemicals?

Disclaimer:  I have always wondered what other chemicals you could use for foam brush in a bind and I had some time to kill.  Actually, my chemical guy sold me hand soap as foam brush chemical and it was my favorite.  Now I use Erie Brush chemicals and really like their foam brush and wax.


Have you ever run out of chemicals and only had $1?  What would be the best chemical to purchase from the Dollar Store?  I am on assignment to root out the winner!

1)  “Dial Basics HypoAllergenic” (bar soap, 3 bars)  It is dematologist tested maybe even tested on animals?  I cut the bars up with a knife.

2)  “Classic Sun Clean & Fresh” (all purpose powder detergent 1.5 pounds)

3)  “Dis’h Detergent Original Scent” (dish cleaner 50 ounces)

4)  “Perfect 10 Black Currant Bodywash”  (bodywash for your body 25 ounces)

5)  “White Rain Conditioner Energizing Citrus”  (hair conditioner 19.95 ounces)


I just dumped the products in then added 5 gallons of hot water and let sit for 24 hours.

Have you ever run out of chemicals?


To test the chemicals I made a foam brush setup and even used a “super foamer” (second photo).  I hooked up the yellow air compressor to a large broken air compressor in my garage.  I also have a bucket full of water to clear out the lines.  I used a screw driver to weigh down the chemical line.


1)  Dial Basics HypoAllergenic (bar soap, 3 bars)  2)  Classic Sun Clean & Fresh  3)  Dis™h Detergent Original Scent  4)  Perfect 10 Black Currant Bodywash  5)  White Rain Conditioner Energizing Citrus

Results full strength products

Maybe not full strength but just the product along with 5 gallons of water.


Number 1:  Dial Basics HypoAllergenic (bar soap, 3 bars)   Very nice foam the only problem is you need a knife and some amount of time for it is disolve.


Number 2:  Classic Sun Clean & Fresh  Really a stupid product to try but at least it was $1.


Number 3:  Dis™h Detergent Original Scent Really way to foamy.


Number 4: Perfect 10 Black Currant Bodywash  Really to foamy.


Number 5:  White Rain Conditioner Energizing Citrus  Probably purchasing conditioner was not the best idea?  I guess maybe shampoo?


Spot Shot hit the spot?


Greg suggested trying some Spot Shot and today I purchased some. I will be interested to see if it sells. I purchased it from the Dollar Store. The person behind me had to ask how much somthing cost, like always. I should have said $5.00.