Broken back up air compressor

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My Kobalt (aka Lowes 99007 vlk1582609) 26 gallon air compressor died today and I had to go to Sears to purchase a T25 screw driver that was long enough to open this thing.  I am going to have to call Lowes for a replacement belt (007-0068 Carlisle 62-1289).


UPDATE:  For belt and part numbers check out these post.

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  1. My Kobalt AC belt also broke. In searching for a new belt I have found they are difficult to find. Power Makes – the company who made this Air Compressor has gone bankrupt I have attempted to call them @ 866-307-4104, the number in the manual, it is no longer working. I called Lowes to get the part and asked them for the number they have for Kobalt. They gave me 866-242-4298 for another Air Compressor Company which then gave me another number for Midwest Air Technology 800-628-8815, who purchased Power Makes.

  2. I call 1-888-895-4549 and they were able to provide required belt. Thanks so much for the info….

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