Can old people be douches also?

Can old people be douches also? This guy was talking on his flip phone so loud like he was the only one that had a cell and it was 1985. Wearing his Eddie Bauer shirt like 1985 and had the Corvette straight out of……. OH MY! I time traveled to 1985 and didn’t know it! I’m the douche…… sorry.

Broken Air Compressor?


I finally decided to figure out what was wrong with my air compressor pump.  The wheel would just spin freely and not do anything else.  When I removed the top the pistons? wouldn’t move when I pushed on them.  I would guess that is not good!  It was also dry and gummy.  But who knows what it is suppose to look like?


I removed the wheel thing (technical term) I guess this piece is fine?  But I believe I spotted the problem.


Looks like something broke in the compressor pump?  🙂  Looks like maybe the pistons seized up and the wheel thing ripped all the crap apart!  But it looks like I have all the pieces and I can easily fix this with some glue!


I forgot to tell you the way to get this pump apart is to take all the screws out them hit it with a rubber mallet.  At least it worked for me.  The 2nd picture looks like the piston actually broke/cracked then the whole pump blew up?  Maybe?


But I really can’t decide if the pump just didn’t have enough oil?  Maybe that caused all the problem?  I checked with the dip stick and it didn’t register, that is bad.  So the bottom line is I figured out what the problem was with my Dad’s broken air compressor and with a little glue I will be able to get this old green SpeedAire back as good as new!

Air Compressor VS Window – Update


FYI:  When you have a crackly window, don’t slam your doors!  A hole may appear and chunks of glass might / will fall all over the place.  The fix you ask?  Everyone has seen it, but don’t make a rookie mistake and use Duct Tape that will mess up your paint and might pull the paint off!  Use painters tape and it looks coooooool!

International Carwash Association Trade Show 2010


Fragramatics sells the largest vacuum in the WORLD!  Just what you need… a vacuum with everything on it.  Talk about everything being in a huge knot every time someone uses anything.  Just seems like a bad idea.  Couple that with the unit probably being hard to work on for repairs like the older models.  But I think they look the best in the business though, which is good except for the ugly flower.  Well I thought it was fine until Greg pointed it out to me now I hate the flower.


Just a large air compressor… that’s all.


This was an interesting product.  A basic J.E. Adams vacuum with a credit card reader, bill acceptor and coin acceptor.


A D/H Dilling-Harris self-serve bay in a vacuum stand!

Broken back up air compressor – Update


Well, I installed the belt today.  First I removed 3 bolts (3/8″) that hold down everything (last picture).


Then removed 4 bolts (3/8″) from the pump thing.  This is how you get the belt on.


Then put the belt around the plunger then around the small gear.  Then roll it around the large gear.  Done!

Misc. information about the compressor:

To order the belt just call 1-888-895-4549 and ask for the 007-0068 belt.  It is the only belt they ship / sell, so it is easy.

Kobalt (aka Lowes 99007 vlk1582609) 26 gallon air compressor manual:

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Broken back up air compressor – Update


It only took me 5 months to order and get the replacement belt.  The bill did not have a total but the sales person said it should cost around $40.  Now I need to install the belt.

To order the belt just call 1-888-895-4549 and ask for the 007-0068 belt.  It is the only belt they ship / sell so it is easy.

Kobalt (aka Lowes 99007 vlk1582609) 26 gallon air compressor manual:

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