Air compressor problem


I am trying to piece together an air compressor that can actually work.  But I am having a weird problem.  My knowledge of compressors it not that great and maybe someone could help?  The pump sounds like it is spinning freely and has no resistance.  Is the pump trash?


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  1. You need resistance in the compressor. You need resistance in any piston operating machine. Sound like a piston rod is broken, scored cylinder walls, etc.
    Take the head off to see if the piston is going up and down. Check the rings too. There are also inlet and outlet valves to look at to see if they are OK. MEP is right. Probably best to get a new pump. Even if it pumps a little, it will have to work longer to get up to pressure. Try Grainger also. I’ve repaired a lot of compressor pumps. They never seem to work as well as new again.


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