Drain clog again?


I had to take out the high pressure drain setup today to try and clear a clog.  I think I need to get the motorized plumber snake out to fix this one.  Sounds like fun right?

Air compressor problem


I am trying to piece together an air compressor that can actually work.  But I am having a weird problem.  My knowledge of compressors it not that great and maybe someone could help?  The pump sounds like it is spinning freely and has no resistance.  Is the pump trash?


Big Air compressor problem!


When I opened the equipment room door today the air compressor motor was running but there was no air pressure.  The air compressor belt broke, which was the first time a belt broke on me.  The funny thing was I could not find the belt, only some little pieces.

Craftsman table saw


I think that this Craftsman table saw is a piece of crap, model number 137.218240.  The motor can pull wood chips into the table saw motor, seems like a bad design.  But that was not the problem.


I decided to check the power switch.  When I opened the switch cover it had sawdust in it.  The last picture shows sawdust in the wire terminals.  I took them all off and cleaned it out than everything was fine.  Terribly bad design.

How not to remove a pulley?


So I purchased the Harbor Freight “3 Jaw Puller Set” (32184) today for $12 and proceeded to put together all the pullers.  I installed the correct puller then broke the pulley.


I guess I needed to remove the pen thing first (2nd picture with arrow)?  Not really sure how to remove it though.  I already removed the screw but not quite sure how to slide the piece out?