First problem with my MEI Mars bill acceptor?


I guess it had to happen?  My Mars bill acceptor wanted to go on a road trip, so it ate its belts.  It might be jealous of my Rowe International BA-50 bill acceptors which get to go on a trip to the repair man every year. 

So I have owned car washes for around 4 years and had one real Mars bill acceptor problem (I own 2).  But my Rowe BA-50 (own 5) breaks an average of once a year and probably have cost me $800 over the last 4 years?  You know I hate my Rowe changers even more now.  I also need to fix 2 more of my BA-50 bill acceptors now.

Summary:  I love MEI Mars bill acceptors and I HATE Rowe BA-50 bill acceptors.

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  1. 1. For the last several years, Rowe has been field testing concepts and ideas to improve the performance of the BA-50 suggested by operators in the field. One of those suggestions, improving the lower belts, dramatically improves the duty cycle of the BA-50. The improved”blue” belts( part number 35082008) were implemented earlier this month in production and can now be purchased as a service part.

    2. The new Nexgen $5 software that handles the new five dollar bill introduced earlier this year also improves the performance of the BA-50s. Technicians have found that by installing the new NEXGEN $5 software, a number of BA-50 error codes occur less frequently. In addition, the NEXGEN $5 software vastly improved the Bill B Check function.

    3. Last year Rowe announced and began shipping Mars kits that are easily field installed into BC1200 and BC1400/2800 changers. These kits can be purchased from your local Rowe distributor.

    Thank you for your business and please let us know if we can be of further assistance.
    Tom Kozlik, Vice President-Major Accounts

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