Rowe Changer’s Safe and Secure?


I understand if you give someone enough time anyone can get into a changer.  But the way the Rowe changer is designed even installing the high security plate for the BC-1400 does not help the BC-200.  The plate was ripped off just like the front skin and the bill acceptor (ba-50) gets bashed, YEA!  The problem is the brown metal box is made cheaply and was the weakest link, I will just leave it there.

Rowe International BA-50 bill acceptor repairs


I received my ba-50 bill acceptors back from Rowe today and was very impressed how good they look.  If you own Rowe changers, I would recommend checking out other repair techs, which might be able to help with reliability issues.  While talking with Tom Kozlik from Rowe he explained that the key is to find a reliable repair tech.  He recommended DFW Changer Service in Dallas area 214-354-0664 or Baca Changer Service in Denver Co. 720-855-8351.  I got the new blue belts and I will keep you updated with how well they work.  I also receive some “NEXGEN” chips so that I can accept the new $5.  I really appreciate all the help that Tom gave me and I believe that maybe I will start liking my Rowe changers.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.

First problem with my MEI Mars bill acceptor?


I guess it had to happen?  My Mars bill acceptor wanted to go on a road trip, so it ate its belts.  It might be jealous of my Rowe International BA-50 bill acceptors which get to go on a trip to the repair man every year. 

So I have owned car washes for around 4 years and had one real Mars bill acceptor problem (I own 2).  But my Rowe BA-50 (own 5) breaks an average of once a year and probably have cost me $800 over the last 4 years?  You know I hate my Rowe changers even more now.  I also need to fix 2 more of my BA-50 bill acceptors now.

Summary:  I love MEI Mars bill acceptors and I HATE Rowe BA-50 bill acceptors.