Rowe International BA-50 bill acceptor repairs


I received my ba-50 bill acceptors back from Rowe today and was very impressed how good they look.  If you own Rowe changers, I would recommend checking out other repair techs, which might be able to help with reliability issues.  While talking with Tom Kozlik from Rowe he explained that the key is to find a reliable repair tech.  He recommended DFW Changer Service in Dallas area 214-354-0664 or Baca Changer Service in Denver Co. 720-855-8351.  I got the new blue belts and I will keep you updated with how well they work.  I also receive some “NEXGEN” chips so that I can accept the new $5.  I really appreciate all the help that Tom gave me and I believe that maybe I will start liking my Rowe changers.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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  1. I use Changetec out of Grand Rapids. They have been extreeemly helpful with any problems I have had with my eight 1400 changers & my Hamilton and Coinco bill acceptors. They take the time to explain problems, solutions and more. They have talked me through “repairing” my BA-50’s on my own. Takes me an hour 1/2 to do one. I just today checked one I rebuilt in November ’07, it is on the busiest changer at the wash and like the energizer bunny- just keeps on going. With my Preventive Maint. program on my BA 50’s I can get almost three times the life before they need to go into the shop-Changetec-.

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