What happened when my Dixmor DX-1000 Weep Mizer did not work?


(First picture from left) 1) All my high pressure hoses were frozen. 2) Broken tire cleaner hose. 3) Broken RO water hose. 4) This was a surprise, broken high pressure hose. Also a rainbow.


(First picture from left) 1) Hydrominder got stuck. 2) And another RO water hose busted.

I am not really sure why the Weep Mizer did not work, but my theory is that I had it on the screen where you select if you want it “on” or “off” and it was on “on” but I guess you have to leave the screen? All I know is that it just didn’t work.

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  1. unreliable system, and has failed many times at the car wash i manage, especially in cold weather. I have sent a few back to dixmoor for repairs, and I still dont understand why my boss still buys them. In my instances, usually a swivel will also crack, and when the system is thawed out, the lance on the gun usually blows also. Bill

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