Jim Coleman holding tank


The Jim Coleman unit has a large holding tank to hold water for all the car wash bays.  Today I noticed that there is a leak in one of the plastic fittings.  Also, the hydrominder is extremely slow letting water flow through, but I will look at that problem tomorrow.


While filling up the tank I noticed their was a leak.  The leak was coming from a check valve from the bottom of the holding tank so the water was low pressure.

Simply Solutions


After getting my “Appeal Blue Berry Clearcoat” chemicals from Robert Pecora from Simply Solutions Corp, I finally checked to see what it looked like.  This was tipped at “dark brown”, a little too strong, so I switched to a “yellow” hydrominder tip.

Hydrominder Problem – update


I guess whenever I touch something, something has to break?  The body of the hydrominder just cracked off, after checking what tip was being used.  After I cracked the body I noticed a large flaw in the Mark VII Proline design.  If you look at the last picture their is one pvc pipe and no shut off valves.  So you have to shut all the water off to repair one hydrominder?  I would imagine that Marc VII has fixed this problem in their new version of the Proline?  No customers because of the rain, but as soon as I cut off the water, there was a customer! 


Hydrominder Problem – update


Earl sent in a message about my previous hydrominder problem:

Earl Weiss says:  “I think the white float is sitting too low in the water. My guess is it has some water in it. Pull it out of the tank and look at it. You will be able to see if there is water in it. If there is you can unscrew the cap and empty the water, but if it has water in it it most likely has a leak and will happen again and needs to be replaced.”

He was exactly right about the float: the next day I was trying to fix the problem and noticed (top picture) that the float was full of tire cleaner.  I replaced the float and I think everything is fine now.  Thanks for the comment Earl and if you want you can check out the exciting video again so you can notice the problem now in retrospect.

Hydrominder Problem


This is an interesting problem where the pvc looks like it is not level and makes the hydrominder stick. I am not sure how this problem just started though. It was leaking into the presoak tank and on the floor. I also have an action packed video.


UPDATE:  Solution http://cwguy.com/?p=2443

What happened when my Dixmor DX-1000 Weep Mizer did not work?


(First picture from left) 1) All my high pressure hoses were frozen. 2) Broken tire cleaner hose. 3) Broken RO water hose. 4) This was a surprise, broken high pressure hose. Also a rainbow.


(First picture from left) 1) Hydrominder got stuck. 2) And another RO water hose busted.

I am not really sure why the Weep Mizer did not work, but my theory is that I had it on the screen where you select if you want it “on” or “off” and it was on “on” but I guess you have to leave the screen? All I know is that it just didn’t work.