Hydrominder Problem – update


I guess whenever I touch something, something has to break?  The body of the hydrominder just cracked off, after checking what tip was being used.  After I cracked the body I noticed a large flaw in the Mark VII Proline design.  If you look at the last picture their is one pvc pipe and no shut off valves.  So you have to shut all the water off to repair one hydrominder?  I would imagine that Marc VII has fixed this problem in their new version of the Proline?  No customers because of the rain, but as soon as I cut off the water, there was a customer! 


2 Replies to “Hydrominder Problem – update”

  1. If you ask me (and I know you didn’t), PVC in equipment like that is a design flaw. Whenever I’ve worked on something plumbed like that, I redid it in copper.

  2. I defiantly agree about the pvc piping, I broke off a pvc elbow about a year or so ago. I just do not know how to sweat copper. Does the Proline usually come with pvc or was it replaced as some point?

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