I Hooked up the Pumps Today


The pumps work today!  Boy was it a pain wiring the Marathon Electric Motor.  I dropped a nut into the motor and then had to remove the motor off its mounts…. fun fun fun!  Then I had a leak (last picture) but it was easy to fix.  We will see what happens tomorrow because the RO tank might overflow!

Water Wizard Preparation – Water lines install

Today William and I installed part of the water lines for the Water Wizard.  I am going to use softened water for my chemicals and street water for my high pressure water.  We also setup the RO water for the Wizard.

IMG_9284.JPG –> IMG_9298.JPG –> IMG_9289.JPG

We added a tee and a 1″ water supply to the soft water supply for the chemical lines.  I could not connect everything because I did not have all the correct parts.

IMG_9285.JPG –> IMG_9303.JPG

We added another tee for the RO water and I did not have all the pieces to finish the rest.

IMG_9295.JPG –> IMG_9292.JPG

I did not have all the correct pieces to connect the main water line either.  Maybe tomorrow I will finish.

What happened when my Dixmor DX-1000 Weep Mizer did not work?


(First picture from left) 1) All my high pressure hoses were frozen. 2) Broken tire cleaner hose. 3) Broken RO water hose. 4) This was a surprise, broken high pressure hose. Also a rainbow.


(First picture from left) 1) Hydrominder got stuck. 2) And another RO water hose busted.

I am not really sure why the Weep Mizer did not work, but my theory is that I had it on the screen where you select if you want it “on” or “off” and it was on “on” but I guess you have to leave the screen? All I know is that it just didn’t work.

Lots of RO problems


Nice little leaky hose.


Another RO problem was when anyone used the RO water, bay 3 got RO water also. This was caused from crap in the solenoid. My RO system is wired to only run when someone activates it in one of the bays.


Every time I touch something on the RO system something has to break. So the brass push lock fittings started to leak. I removed the last 4 left and installed plastic push locks. Done for now, I won this time RO system!