Water Wizard Preparation – 1″ High pressure hose


Okay I had a 1″ 2 wire hose that I needed 2 fittings crimped on to.  I called a Napa and they said to bring it in. Ends up they have no fittings and they thought I had the fittings also.  So I tried another Napa which had the fittings but they did not know how to crimp them.  Then I went to a tractor supply place that freaked out when I needed a pipe thread fitting, but they did only had one fitting.  Then I went to Applied Fluids Systems, who fixed me up and everything was fine.  The only problem is this little process took 2 hours.

Busted high pressure hose

Picture 114.jpgPicture 365.jpg

Large leak 2 bays down.  I learned an important lesson about high pressure hoses today…. there is nothing worse then a 100 foot high pressure hose with no non-working swivels.  So, I replaced the old hose and added a non-working swivel.