Water Wizard Preparation – 1″ High pressure hose


Okay I had a 1″ 2 wire hose that I needed 2 fittings crimped on to.  I called a Napa and they said to bring it in. Ends up they have no fittings and they thought I had the fittings also.  So I tried another Napa which had the fittings but they did not know how to crimp them.  Then I went to a tractor supply place that freaked out when I needed a pipe thread fitting, but they did only had one fitting.  Then I went to Applied Fluids Systems, who fixed me up and everything was fine.  The only problem is this little process took 2 hours.

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  1. Bigger carwashes in my area have a crimper, all the dies necessary, and an assortment of hoses ready to cut and crimp in their workroom. If not, some pre made hoses as back up insurance in case anything ever happens, it could be replaced quickly. BTW the small mini air regulator you found needed replacement was too small and light duty for car wash service and should never been in there in the first place. Also, we use 2 air compressors on line with the pressure switch set at different psi. That way one is the workhorse, and the other one kicks on automatically if the first one fails.

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