Vacuum island cleanup


I thought about not posting these pictures because they are embarrassing.  But then I was thinking who cares, I am trying to fix this problem.


I also cleaned up the back of the wash.


This guy stole my Dad’s garbage can lid.

This was a different guy this time.  It looks like he is Santa Clause with an Indian head dress and chain?


He first looked through all the garbage cans.  Then he took the lid, but there was someone else vacuuming when he stole it.


Of course he had no tag.  I guess he has to pay for the car somehow?

Last time it happened to me:  LINK



Emu oil seems really good, it relieves arthritis pain and helps heal all skin ailments.  I guess it did not help the driver that sells the product because they have a handicapped tag?

Poor man’s pressure washer


The cheapest way to have a portable pressure washer?  The only problem is the pressure is not that great.  It is also not that cheap because the hose it expensive.  But besides that, it worked really well.  One good thing is I have some extra hose around if something bad happens.


The first picture is a before shot, then an after.  I plan on cleaning out the gaps then patching them up.

Cutting high pressure hose


I was discussing cutting high pressure hose over at autocarwash.  Actually, I just posed a question, but I got lots of answers.  But, I liked Fred Lenze idea the best.  Well he said use a circular saw and I thought about using my crappy Ryobi 18v instead of purchasing a new grinder to replace my Chicago 4 1/2″.  I purchased a 5″ cut-off blade and installed the blade.


The circular saw seems to do a good job.  Now, I have a battery powered grinder just like the $229 DeWalt?


Mep1, was correct about having the incorrect blade on my grinder.  But, I lost my magic piece to get the blade off.  I guess, I need to purchase another one if the circular saw does not work.  So I might be out $14.99.

Desmond and Tywanna Walker dumped garbage near my dumpster?


My friends Desmond and Tywanna Walker dumped garbage near my dumpster today.  I guess it was them?  Maybe someone stole their garbage?  It was filled with junk food and over 20 boxes of unopened baby food and 2 boxes of unopened cereal.  Looking at their T-Mobile cell bill I think they need to trim back their $116.13 bill.  I don’t even pay that much for my cell phone bill.  They also need to invest in garbage pickup. But then again, I have 2 dumpsters and garbage pickup at my house.


I think if they are the ones that dumped the garbage (unless they got setup), they should reconsider their trip to Marietta, GA and pay for my garbage pickup.  Also, I hope they went to the library to use their computer.

Time to cut the lawn


Well, I needed to cut the lawn about a week or two ago.  But I used my new Homelite electric mover to cut it.  I had to use the electric mover because my John Deere did not work when I tried to start it.  It starts then immediately stalls out.


I ran over the extension cord also which is great.  Like my fix-it job?  I did not have any tape.