Oh let me count the problems with the bay

I am not blaming anyone, but before someone disconnected the coin acceptor, only the acceptor did not work.


First the little yellow wire from the equipment room was pulled out.  Maybe a ground or something to the timer?  Next picture another little yellow wire to the coin acceptor was pulled out.  The rotary switch had multiple loose wires which I tightened.  Also, one fell off the switch.  Last picture was the little white wire for the spot free rinse.  This wire was broken in two.  But the meter box is so small this could always be a problem.  I need to purchase some cheap meter boxes and throw these away.


The last problem was on a different bay.  The fuse decided to totally break.  I need to replace the fuse holder.

Another attempted break-in


Here are a couple angles from my new Medeco problem.  I am pleased that the lock did not open.  But now I need to open it.  The last picture is what the lock is supposed to look like.


The person also broke into the vacuum.  They just broke one lock and messed up the plastic in front of the lcd.  I was able to bend the door back into shape.


I also need to figure out where to get a lock like this for my Fragramatics vacuum.