Desmond and Tywanna Walker dumped garbage near my dumpster?


My friends Desmond and Tywanna Walker dumped garbage near my dumpster today.  I guess it was them?  Maybe someone stole their garbage?  It was filled with junk food and over 20 boxes of unopened baby food and 2 boxes of unopened cereal.  Looking at their T-Mobile cell bill I think they need to trim back their $116.13 bill.  I don’t even pay that much for my cell phone bill.  They also need to invest in garbage pickup. But then again, I have 2 dumpsters and garbage pickup at my house.


I think if they are the ones that dumped the garbage (unless they got setup), they should reconsider their trip to Marietta, GA and pay for my garbage pickup.  Also, I hope they went to the library to use their computer.