Cutting high pressure hose


I was discussing cutting high pressure hose over at autocarwash.  Actually, I just posed a question, but I got lots of answers.  But, I liked Fred Lenze idea the best.  Well he said use a circular saw and I thought about using my crappy Ryobi 18v instead of purchasing a new grinder to replace my Chicago 4 1/2″.  I purchased a 5″ cut-off blade and installed the blade.


The circular saw seems to do a good job.  Now, I have a battery powered grinder just like the $229 DeWalt?


Mep1, was correct about having the incorrect blade on my grinder.  But, I lost my magic piece to get the blade off.  I guess, I need to purchase another one if the circular saw does not work.  So I might be out $14.99.

2 Replies to “Cutting high pressure hose”

  1. i always taped the hose where i wanted to cut and used a cut off wheel on a big dremmel

  2. I use my 18 v sawzall for the 1/2″ hose and a 4.5″ cut off wheel on my grinder for 3/8″ steel braided hose.
    Set the tips of a pair of needle nose pliers into the holes of your grinders wheel hub and then hold them with vise grips to turn the hub off the spindle. This has worked for me in the past.

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