Busted high pressure hose

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Large leak 2 bays down.  I learned an important lesson about high pressure hoses today…. there is nothing worse then a 100 foot high pressure hose with no non-working swivels.  So, I replaced the old hose and added a non-working swivel.

Do you want to exercise your forearm muscles?

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I definately am not a professional tool reviewer but I know after I used this tool my forearm was unbelievably sore.  I had trouble lifting things and I now hate this ViperGrip 8 inch 2 in 1 self-adjusting and locking pliers (IDL Tools International 9050, Lowes).  But I love my Knipex wrenches:  they seem to be great quality and never slip.

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I really liked the idea of having pliers that lock and are normal but….  I used the tool for about 30 minutes straight and at the beginning it was working fine.  Then after awhile of using them as non-locking pliers, they started slipping.  (Second picture) The problem I think they have is the teeth are so small (unlike a viper) and have a tendency of slipping.  (Third picture) The next problem was the larger teeth for the object you are gripping on to.  These seemed to grip fine then slip and get brass flakes all over the place.  The third problem is the pain in my forearm.  I guess the pressure I used to make sure it would not slip was a real work out.  I can’t wait till tomorrow because my forearm is going to be really sore.  I also can’t wait to get my money back on this item.

BioShine product review

I have been having some computer difficulties and I finally got the video made.  It is really fancy… you should check it out.  I would be interested to see how this product works in a Simoniz Tire Shine Applicator http://cwguy.com/?p=1695 .  Maybe my Dad will try it out?


I used an Erie Wheel Wizard brush and the BioShine spray bottle.  Sprayed on great and was not drippy.  Really shined up the tires very impressed.  Check out the video.


Some additional information from JoeNardis and BioShine that was sent with the sample was:

The product cost 5 Gal $49 and 55 Gal drum $469 plus shipping.  No freight on 4 drums or more (US only).  Also some prices on the “Shinemaster” machines, Coin-operated $2199, with Dixmore display $2399, and the express detail machine $1287.  Give him a call for more information.  Crown Car Wash Inc 412-367-1501

List of benefits for using Bioshine is:  Environmentally safe product, great for reclaim, low cost, biodegradable, no silicon, no slippery floors or pavement, water based 

BioShine self serve vendor VS. Blendco Black Diamond


I wanted to check out a couple things at the ICA show and self serve tire shine units was one of them. I talked to Joe DeNardis at the crowncarwashinc.com booth and really liked their self serve vendor. They also sell a full service applicator (middle picture). I really like this design because all my vacuums are the same design. The gun has a trigger on it and a stationary bristle brush.  It also holds 5 gallons of product.

But the bigest selling point is the BioShine tire shine product. I request a sample and will test it out on a car tomorrow, so I will let you know how it works. But the product is silicon free which is a must for self serve bays, (more on that later) and is environmentally safe product. Maybe that is why the vendor is green?


The Blendco Black Diamond vendor is like a stand alone Fragramatic fragrance machine. But they also sell a self serve bay setup. I liked the bay setup but they use a crappy Flojet pump (at least for a 5 bay unit I asked about) and is seems a little expensive (Maybe that is why the show special was half price?) for what you get. The gun looks exactly like a Fragramatic fragrance gun with a swivel on the end and a metal brace for a pad. The idea is to spray the tire down then scrub it in with the rotating pad thing. I did not really care for the gun setup and it just seems like the pad would not last very long (If I remember correctly, if you purchase their product they will send you free pads?). But the worse part was something I never even thought about. The silicon based Blendco tire shine will make your bays super slippery. If you have ever gone to a wash with a Simonize Tire Shiner (I guess any tire shiner?) you will know what I am talking about. Around the tire shiner and maybe 10 feet away will be an ice rink. But to be fair the Bendco sales people said that you just need to high pressure it off ever day. Not really sure how effective that would be?


But I did get my sample of BioShine that I requested from the ICA show so I will give it a try tomorrow and give you an update. It will be interesting how a non-silicon based product works.

Logitech FreePulse Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Review


I purchased the Logitech FreePulse bluetooth headphones (PN 980461-0403) to attach to my cell phone (Nokia 6133) and ipod. 


The headphone paired with the dongle thing with no problem.  But pairing with my cell was a little harder because you have to hold down the button on the headphones until the light flashes red then blue.  I did like the volume controls on the right ear piece which was very nice (red arrow).


There was a small problem though.  The headphones did not fit my fat head (I wear a size 7 3/4″ fitted hat).  The back head band touches the back of my neck.  When I look down the headphones try and pull my ears off.  Not cool, so they went back to the store to visit.  Also, when walking with the headphones the bluetooth connection cuts out all the time when using the ipod.  Another small problem.

DeWalt Grinder D28402K review


My DeWalt grinder came damaged from Home Depot. Oh no, I was not the one to mess it up first!  This is the only grinder that came in a case, which was a requirment because I lost the last grinder blade removal tool and some blades.


I really like the latch on the guard.  This is alot better then my last fixed bolted guard.


This “switch thing” to activate the grinder is great.  I will never purchase one unless it has this.  My last grinder had a switch which was annoying to try and turn it off.  Then the last picture is the lock to unscrew the blade which it great also.  This grinder is so much better then my last grinder, I love it.  The only problem is I could have purchased 6 of my old grinders for the same price.  Then I would not need to change the blades out I could just grab the other grinder.