Logitech FreePulse Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Review


I purchased the Logitech FreePulse bluetooth headphones (PN 980461-0403) to attach to my cell phone (Nokia 6133) and ipod. 


The headphone paired with the dongle thing with no problem.  But pairing with my cell was a little harder because you have to hold down the button on the headphones until the light flashes red then blue.  I did like the volume controls on the right ear piece which was very nice (red arrow).


There was a small problem though.  The headphones did not fit my fat head (I wear a size 7 3/4″ fitted hat).  The back head band touches the back of my neck.  When I look down the headphones try and pull my ears off.  Not cool, so they went back to the store to visit.  Also, when walking with the headphones the bluetooth connection cuts out all the time when using the ipod.  Another small problem.