DeWalt Grinder D28402K review


My DeWalt grinder came damaged from Home Depot. Oh no, I was not the one to mess it up first!  This is the only grinder that came in a case, which was a requirment because I lost the last grinder blade removal tool and some blades.


I really like the latch on the guard.  This is alot better then my last fixed bolted guard.


This “switch thing” to activate the grinder is great.  I will never purchase one unless it has this.  My last grinder had a switch which was annoying to try and turn it off.  Then the last picture is the lock to unscrew the blade which it great also.  This grinder is so much better then my last grinder, I love it.  The only problem is I could have purchased 6 of my old grinders for the same price.  Then I would not need to change the blades out I could just grab the other grinder.