When I Purchase a Quality Product I MUST Brag about it! LOL :)

So my Wife purchases my Kids Mini Boden clothing ALL THE TIME!  Seriously…. Why?  Wal-Mart sells clothing from England/China?  🙂  So why can’t I purchase Boden clothing also?  (Boden is for “male” like adults…. they have a naming issue I believe.)  Well I believe there might be a reason you should not purchase Boden clothing….. Just read the label on some > $70 shorts.   LOL 🙂

This is no joke:  “When there’s a fraction too much friction colour can rub off onto lighter fabrics.  So Please be careful with pale handbags, avoid white sofas and never wear this garment to bed.”

The problem here is…. I carry a pale handbag, own a white sofa, my car also has all white interior and I love wearing shorts to bed!  WTF  LOL 🙂  Seriously the color RUBS OFF!  I sent them back…. But I did keep some stupid looking swimming shorts (I believe all swimming short should look stupid. 🙂 ).  Which BTW had no warning?  Luck for me…. because I like to also scoot on my butt all over my house on our white carpet!  LOL 🙂