While I was putting on socks…. I just had a reminder that no one seems to read signs and no one can follow “complex” directions!  LOL 🙂  Seriously…. these socks should have a warranty on them!  Or braille or something right?

On a side note…. who would make left and right socks anyway?  Plus why would I want to show off that I have Nike socks? LOL 🙂  The scary part is the same guy that does not follow directions will probably be wearing his socks “correctly”!  🙂  I will be checking next time.  JK  🙂  Maybe I should check their shoes though?  JK!  🙂

OFFICIAL SOCK REVIEW!  Dri-Fit socks are the best!  Because when you put the socks on…. (wait for it)….. they are DRY!  Seriously what is the difference…. really beside the stupid Nike symbol?  I re-read the bs info on amazon and sure the socks fit…. maybe my socks are misaligned somehow!  LOL 🙂  I can not follow directions either!  Or will not.  🙂  INFO