Unitec Wash Select II Integration with KWIK TRIP (OPTION)…. WHAT?!

If only the car wash industry was more like the computer industry or like the vending industry…. Kwik Trip (I assume is a gas station chain?  Which also brokered a deal with Unitec?) would not be the only fully integrated add on product.  (At least when there is a ribbon cable attaching to a daughter board I would call that integrating!  LOL 🙂 )

What I will never understand is why someone does not HIRE SOMEONE to make an entry system for them?  If you need multiple units (more than one 🙂 ) you can hire a professional company that does this for a living (all the time).  I am not just talking smack either…. I talked to a couple.  One I would trust more than Unitec (no offense).  It makes you wonder if any car wash “tech” manufacturer actually produces anything?

But like any product…. (look at an American entry system…. sure I went there.  🙂 )  You need an engineer or technical designer which knows how the industry works, how customers work and what electronics to use.  Just to submit all the needed components to a sourcing company.  Which I believe do not exist…..  This is why I realize no one in the car wash industry selling car wash “tech” products have ever worked at a car wash.  LOL 🙂  But they all have great sales people!  (I do believe older tech products are different…. again I could discuss this topic indefinitely I believe.  🙂 )

I could also debate for hours what is wrong with car wash entry units…. also what is good.   Having Windows or Linux on your entry unit does not make anything better…. only quicker out the door.  Sure it is better for multiple function devices like your phone / computer.  Not static embedded functions…. or functions that should be embedded.