IDX Coin Vault with Meter box, X-Mark Model 10 Multi-coin acceptor and IDX AT411E-L-X timer

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IDX coin vault with an IDX accumulating timer model # AT411E-L-X and an X-Mark Model 10 Multi-coin and encoded token acceptor.

I am not sure who makes this meter box…. or how old meter boxes were designed.  But it is interesting the bolt for the IDX AT411E-L-X timer goes all the way through the front plate? Usually it is welded on the front plate just like the screws for the X-Mark Model 10 Multi-coin acceptor. This was probably added later by the purchaser? Also I like the bar on the front (for just a push button) but why is the shroud not protecting the whole lock?  But it really does not matter…. the front bar is just sitting on top of the meter box? Plus the wrasp lock has play (If you want to be able to lock it)…. so what good it the security bar? I know…. a Police Officer told me the answer to this question…. “to keep the honest people out”.    🙂 Then with the security bar off… I would not bother installing the other lock. LOL 🙂    BTW….  The guy want $600 for his…. which is used.  The timer cost $76, a DX MA-800 Coin Acceptor cost $152 and a New JE Adams which is a nicer meter box cost $263 with locks.  JE Adams has a mount in the rear of the box for a timer.  Also has screw lock style for the safe which is desirable.  I would personally have a digital timer?  Call me…. not old school on this one.  🙂