Scott Glover – Out of the business! Well according to ebay.


After I saw his listing on ebay…. I checked out his website.  He did write a book?  Current quote from site…. “Increased sales year-over-year until 2011. (A great accomplishment based on the current economy)”….. So I should not purchase your book and build a car wash?  LOL  🙂  (I believe the answer is no…. for self serves in the south at least.  The culture is changing.)  He is the guy with the “#1 Car Wash Start-Up Guide.”

To be honest I was around back then…. I also hate to say negative things about anyones book.  But a lot has changes since 2003 when he signed up with H20 Auto Wash LLC the real “superstar” (his words not mine).

7250 Saltsburg Rd, Penn Hills, PA 15235
3012 Wexford Rd, Wexford, PA 15090 “Gave Back”
6520 Saltsburg Rd, Pittsburgh, PA “Great Investment?”