Jim Coleman Getto Know…..?


I was calling Jim Coleman and got forwarded to Steven Weeks voice mail….. I hate voice mail.  So I hung up and I found this web site.  This is a helpful link!  Even has their extensions.  It is probably really old though…. because it says “Swipe-N-Clean” which they do not support at all and they make you talk to B&C.

By the way I emailed Hamilton the other day…. and they have to have the best customer service via email I have ever seen.  I emailed 2 people (the first was an accident…. I assumed they would not email me back) and I got 2 responses with in 10 minutes!  I emailed Fragramatics and NEVER got a response!  How about this old crusty companies…. email saves you money and time.  Think about it…. have a meeting and get back with me.  🙂  (I use to have a real job…. old people have to have meetings or conference calls.  How else would they feel important?)

Also I would call my location distributor…. Premier Car Wash Systems GA.   But I would have to say something gay like please help PLEASE!  My Dad is so and so…. he purchases stuff from you…. oh great distributor from Georgia!  Then Donna might look the item up?  This other guy said he purchases chemicals so he can call them and they will show up!  I wonder why I do not want to have a unitec product?  (They are our unitec distributor also.)  I want to be an unitec distributor also…. I talked to Mike…. I confirmed I know more or at least the exact amount of information!  LOL  🙂