Jim Coleman Getto Know…..?

UPDATE 4/12/2015
Steven Weeks has worked at JCC for 5 years and works as the Entry Wizard Production Manager. Steven assists with technical calls relating to the Entry Wizard and is able to provide step by step troubleshooting. Steven is also involved with managing the Entry Wizard production schedule.
Steven can be reached at [email protected]
800-999-9878 Ext:309

Looks like Steven Weeks will not respond to my email…. we will call it a month.  But it was on Marc 19, 2015.  I could have waited a week though!  LOL  🙂

This crappy customer service is very annoying…. you would think anyone at Jim Coleman would not want to talk to a live person? They would prefer to answer emails?  It actually saves time.  Of course the original Steven Weeks I am trying to email could be fired?  The Steven Weeks that I needed to email could have not received my email?  Problem is…. this actually does not matter.  I uses to work in IT and his email should have been forwarded or refused to the sender.  Either way Jim Coleman is the same as Fragramatics with email support.  All car wash companies seem bad via email though…. except Hamilton (which I have dealt with).  Coleman is good via phone…. but get this…. I do not want to talk to anyone at Coleman on the phone!  Why can I not want to save MY time!

I would also post my annoying email that was not worth the time of day…. for an actually Jim Coleman customer to get a reply. But I do want an answer…. who knows what these people would do mad…. worse service? But I included the part number and a description. Why would I be nasty? I want the part! LOL 🙂 While we are at it…. why are their new vac stickers so bad?