Is it just me or does shopping for nuts and bolts take for ever?

unclenuttywasher fender hex nut

UPDATE 2015.01.29 I would order from them again…. Why not? That saved a lot of time….. Also Tim (maybe the official Uncle Nutty himself? 🙂 ) emailed and said they are send them out today! He did say they might have “fell out”? Also some crap about “digging out from Snow Storm”? WTH? LOL 🙂

UPDATE  2015.01.28  Usually I would just make a new post but I thought I would just add to this one?  I had an item not included in my first order…. I followed directions from their site 2 days ago:  “For the quickest reply, send messages to [email protected]

So I called Uncle Nutty today @ 1-855-556-8889 and their phone system did not allow me to talk to anyone (but I did call at 3:59 central…. they might be on Eastern?  But how would I know?).

So I am guessing is more like Lowes and Home Depot then I thought!  LOL  🙂  They only owe me $8 of product though…. I would have paid way over that and got less from the other stores.  But still Nutty support is not all it is “cracked up” to be….. get it?  Cracked up…. nuts?  No…. Yes?  🙂    I will call again I guess?  I hate wasting my time…. but then they win!  🙂

P1261128 P1261121

Is it just me or is it every time you go to Home Depot or Lowes and look for nuts and bolts does it take 20-30 minutes?  Every time the screw I am looking for is the catch all for crap people do not want to purchase or someone dumps random sizes in the same box!

But I tried Nutty Company this time…. or Uncle Nutty.  I wonder how this will work?  Sure was easier ordering my product!  🙂  Was cheaper  and faster also…. plus what could possibly go wrong?  🙂 I get cheap 1/2″ stainless stuff from China….. wait a second…. wasn’t the stuff from Home Depot and Lowes from China also?  LOL  🙂  Come on!  No one tells you where the bolts and stuff come from it’s a joke!  🙂  Nutty Company probably sells just U.S.A. made bolts…. I do not know…. I know they do sell some U.S. stuff which is nice.  But the item I saw was from Chicago…. I do not support that city.  The ICA and Oprah are from Chicago.  🙂  Anyway…. just try to purchase US bolts…. I could not figure out where to purchase any? Really let me know.

I know sells U.S. manufactured products…. but their website just like Lowes and Home Depot’s fastener section is to difficult to find all the parts you need.