Difference between 8 and 10 foot Werner ladders?

P1231058 P1231059 P1231074 P1231075 P1231053

Of course there are no measurements!  🙂  What is interesting is that it appears to be the same width fiberglass for the legs?  Both are 300# the yellow Werner 10 foot FSA10 is made in 1997!  P/N 50058-21  The orange Werner 8 foot FIA08 I am not sure.

What is funny is how on the orange Werner they changed the label to add the wording “12 ft” on it…. Reach?…. Really?  Or is it just for confusion…. because the highest standing level for the 8′ is 5 feet 9 inches?  🙂  On the 10 foot ladder the highest standing level is 7 feet 8 inches.

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